About Us

Quote: During our weekly shopping trip ...                                               mama: Go ahead play in the play corner while I sort things out for you, me: ok mom! I will fit what you want but THAT (pointing to that one dress), I want that!


Lizzie De Zutter, born in Ghent on 11-08-1978

In fact, I have always been passionate about fashion ...

Even as a child I loved dressing up and collected kilos of old clothes from mother, aunts and neighbors and invited my neighbors to dress up parties. A blissful time!

When I got older I stood in front of the mirror for hours, changing clothes, always looking for the latest trendy outfits.

I loved everything that included fashion. I devoured fashion magazines and always found a good reason to go shopping.

The search was fascinating but above all expensive ... I often thought, so beautiful, why so expensive? but above all I can do better and ... for less money!

Styliz actually originated here in my dreams ... The guts were still lacking, but the dream did not let me go. My husband urged it to go for it, take the plunge and throw me in ...

Now, we are proud to be in our business together and are eager to share the carefully selected items with you every week!

Recently we also have our own Styliz clothing label that is presented to you every season with timelessness basics that perfect can be combined with the weekly novelties!

and secretly we dream of being able to pass on all this to our kids ...


Liz and Dave